Database Flow is a self-hosted SQL client and GraphQL sever for working with H2.

Query and visualize your H2 databases using SQL or GraphQL.

Manage Your Data

Run SQL queries, explore database objects, and share and visualize the results. Database Flow is self-hosted, so your data always remains private.

Advanced SQL Editor

Syntax highlighting and auto-completion make writing complicated queries easy. Use query parameters to help others use your shared SQL.


We use plotly.js to bring you the best charts available. Share charts and results with ease, and save queries for later use.

Query Plan

Visualize the performance of your queries with a sophisticated plan viewer. Supporting explain and analyze plans, improving the performance of your queries just got easier.


Use the power of GraphQL to explore and discover your database. Query your database schema and browse table relationships using GraphiQL.

Explore Your Schema

Visualize the relationships and columns in your database schema. Using GraphQL Voyager, you can pan, zoom and navigate through all your data.

Responsive Interface

High definition retina graphics and a responsive interface help you navigate your data on any device. Hotkeys and shortcuts increase your productivity.

Database Support

Database Flow supports the most popular database engines, and provides features that help you make the most of your data.

Result Filtering

Sort and filter your results without re-running your query. By linking to related tables, Database Flow helps you drill down to the data you need.

Query History

Query history and audit logs ensure you never forget the queries you write. Granular permissions help you share databases and results with your team.